Bathroom cross-question?

don't be mean roughly speaking this but is it wrong to wipe your *** from the back next from the front and after your done wiping give somebody a lift a shower and clean my *** next to water after that and everytime i turn somewere i wipe my but once

Hey, don't sweat it. I am the exact same way, I wipe from the pay for. Then no matter where on earth i am, I gott to do it, oh yes, i get a bathe rag next to soap and water, basis in my mind, the brief aint done till the butt smells good.
Advice, and don't be embarresed. I receive huggies for the bathroom, they do the job indisputable well.
Umm no, as long as you receive everything I'm sure you'll be fine. If you have skid results on your underwear than you're not cleaning properly.
Good Luck!
wipe your but from front to back cuz if you wipe from pay for to front your taking your shoop bacterias up front
that does sound of late a little OCD.I mingy where are you going that you're worried in the order of having your crack inspected?

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