Body odor?

is it normal for a 17 year old-fashioned boy to have excruciatingly severe body odor? how can i go and get rid of this? deodorant is too much of a hastle

i love you :)
yes.. Shower 2 times daily or after any workingout term. Also use deoderants.
lol get over the "hastle...i guess have any girls around you is too much then tooo.really 17 and still no deodorant?!?!?..I DONT EVEN WANNA ASK ABOUT SHOWERS IF YOU CANT EVEN USE DEORDANT!.they even kind spray on ones 2 sec under respectively arm you are at least better than dont have 4 second a day to do that?
uuummmm hun deoderant /antipersprint is going to be your answer along near showering everyday and use a good deoderant resembling degree or certin dry . Ohhhh and variety sure you wash your hackle everyday !
it can be however if you are REALLY worried maybe you should see your doc. Deodorants are the best likelihood but the next best item would be a deodorant soap that you use in the shower/bath. It does impossible to tell apart thig as a deodorant but on a slightly lesser scramble.
well the best means of access is deodorant, another one which is an even more hassle twice a day shower, don`t verbs it`s perfectly common my 14 yr old bro is somewhat stinky too=/
Okay sweetie, if you are having body odor, I wouldn't consider deodorant one too much of a hassle. Wash daily underneath your arms with a worthy antibacterial soap such as Dial, rinse well, dry very well and use your deodorant! If the body odor continues after having done that, desire the advice of a doctor. There is a special deodorant for those whose glands over produce. Good luck...and use the deodorant!
Do give somebody a lift showers with soap and hot wather every time?And why is deodorant too much hastle?Do whatever you can ,anything it takes.You don't want enybody relating you"You smell bad"Do you?
Well of course it's commonplace!! Teenagers; we sweat like pigs. Even though it's gross you gotta wear deodorant - it's doing the citizens around you a favour. I can't stand it when I own to stand next to someone and breathe through my mouth because they can't uphold personal hygeine. Buy some Lynx deodorant - it's not too much of a hassle either. I'm sure you can spare 3 second a day to spray something underneath your arm pits. Just wear it - don't humiliate yourself!
never do not use deo. for you can get some that smells so honest my man friend has it he get it at walmart. if it is to much of a hassle are you not glad others dont feel that bearing how would you like it if your friends never wore any deo. catch the deo with baking soda if you must . my bro. contained by law have had the pro formerly. it is a must for us all so carry the kind that will backing you .I feel your mom would be glad to assist you find an answer to any of your pro.
OMG! You're 17 and you are not supposed to post that question...aren't you embarassed?...i know how to cart care of that when I be 11....No offense...

Here's the answer for your qustion...
1. Take a bath everyday...i.e. a must.
2. Always scrub your armpit with soap and your upper body beside soap cuz' that's where the smell come from...
3. I recommend Body Wash resembling (old spice) than soap..
4. After taking a bath, dry yourself...
5. There is no such entity as "deodorant is a hassle"
6. Always use deodorant, use old spice...the sport one...
7. Don't use perfume...perfume can label you smell bad if you're other sweaty...instead, use a small amount of baby powder...
economically if you dont want to use deodorant, why not try changing your soap. attain one of those with moisturizer and fragranced soaps. you should try to take a hip bath everyday preferably before and after going to bed.

you can also use a crude deodorant called tawas, potassium allum, a crystal by character but in open market are in almost powdered form. doesn't bequeath any distinctive scent so if smells natural and prevents odor from leak out. can also be use as foot powder as in any sense an odor eliminator
Hi, you want to shower or take a tub at least twice a afternoon, why do you find deodorant a hassle, its simple, take the top past its sell-by date and spray
too lazy for deoderant, come on that take ten seconds max, yep you are gonna stink, pinch showers at least twice a sunshine, clean clothes every time you shower, and use the darn deoderant.
Chlorophyll is an internal body deodorant that should help out your problem.

A Yahoo search for chlorophyll + deodorant (OR deodorise) will let somebody know you much more.
~Are you joking?! BO is doomed to failure, but severe BO is twice as bad. You didn't influence anything about showering, so I'll assume you do that day after day? Please do that daily.
Maybe you're using the wrong species of deodorant? Try different ones until you find the one you like. Try, for instance, "Sure Solid." Are you inclined to be a virgin the rest of your life? You weigh the pros and cons.~

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