A little down problem..?

My hair grows really like lightning and its draining my parents money! its lb8 a time at the local barbers. Is there any bearing to stop my hair growing so hurriedly? Or is it YET another genetic trait i've got from my parents?

Also another; My quill goes contained by a weird shape, one partially of my head the mane sticks in that direction, and the other side a slightly different direction? and you can win a sorta line if you pulled my spine right back! it also swirls at the top-back and i enjoy a nightmare gelling it down! whats cause it?? sometimes the gel doesnt even stick.. help -_-

Polonium pills work deeply well.
Buy yourself a twosome of clippers and be your own hairdresser.
can i see that
Cut your head bad
Ask your doctor mate
Shave you head and buy a clipper.
buy clippers and stop one a poser
You're lucky to even have adjectives that hair. Be proud of it...some guys don't even own any hair or loose their mane even at a young age. Probably the intention that your hair does explicitly because your mom probably used to comb your hair that method when you were little and since she did it for so long in a minute it's gonna stay that way.
Its contained by your genetics, my quill is quite close to yours, grows fast and doesn't look right. All i can suggest is to experiment beside different products and cuts to get the look your looking for. It may cost more than you want to spend but after adjectives nothing you want comes cheap.
I own a vision of "Thing" sour the Adams Family! Or are you a Werewolf?
Maybe you should just shave your principal. When it grows back a moment ago shave it again. It won't cost you much, your hair won't be contained by weird directions, and some guys look sexy shiny on top.

Hope this helps!! <3
Blimey i could do next to a bit of yours. How come you don't pay for your own haircut?? Are you sure you're not from another planet !
Aww, I got like peas in a pod prob as well except that my mine is to do next to my eyebrow which are so bushy and grow in different directions. Good Luck and hope ya obtain ya answer!
buy a pair of clippers and do it at home!
clippers are the best mode...cheeper too
sounds like the story of my time, it's in the genes

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