Any suggestions to increase my husbands stamina?

My husband and I have be together for over 5 years. He has a serious problem durable in the bedroom and have had this problem since we first met. It usually solely takes him 1-2min. to orgasim. He won't reach a deal to his doctor about it. What can we do?

He say he can't help it and he really tries to later longer, but its not working!!

durable takes practice and control, he have to learn how to hold pay for.. Try fore play. than intercourse, just until that time organsim go wager on to fore play for a little while than support to intercourse. it takes practice but it works.. angelic luck
Have him do Kegel exercises
haha, geez. 1 to 2 minutes everytime? That's nuts. I'd say... foreplay more? And umm... stop self so good at it to breed him so happy you sex kitten you.
Change positions more.

Sex isn't a see to see who finsh's first.

Go slow and easy, after change position.

Then stir slow and esy somemore and change position again.

the time to make over, won't effect you unless you are close to an orgasm.

But it will take the pressure past its sell-by date him and make him closing longer.
try sex more than once a day. Maybe cut out foreplay
An flowing way is to use a condom. It will muffle his sensations.
have more frequent sex. try to cut back emotional stress something like his rapid ejaculations. cause increased anxiety which in turn will inflict him to ejaculate faster.

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