Boxers or Breif's.. And Why?

Why do sum guys were boxers and why do sum be brief's??

I wear boxers and boxer-briefs. I normally wear boxers when i progress to school, budge to work, hang out beside friends, or just any event when i am wearing loose clothing but i alternate between boxers and boxer-briefs on those days. On church days i other wear boxer-briefs, or on any formal event.
I wear briefs cause it holds things within place. Boxers have me flopping adjectives around.
Boxers, when just going to work, or staying home. No call for to hold things in place.

Brief. Definitely when working out, playing beside my kids, going dancing near the wife. Need things to be kept in place or it hurts after a while.
Boxers. More room and comfort. Some guys switch up depending on what they're wearing. A guy's johnson must be within good heat in lay down to produce sperm properly.
i wear brief. bec it hold my___... if u use boxer ur ___ will float. jejeje
Boxers ... need room to flop around. Plus dont approaching my janx all constricted.
in good health i say you should buy some boxers and see how that works out on a hot light of day...and you'll see the difference in the precipation and warmth...(yes i meant precipation, instead of perspiration, same difference here)
There are really 2 aim that guys will wear boxers and briefs.
1st being that alot of guys will resembling the comfort of letting it hang freely as opposing all hugged up.
2nd It really depends on the individual if they prefer any.

The doctors prefer guys to wear boxers because the testicles to operate at an optimum level entail to be afew degrees cooler than the human body thus to be exact why they hang. Now if you wear briefs your forcing them to touch the body which increases the temp and smaller quantity sperm production. Thats about adjectives I can remember from grade 12 Biology class.

boxers. I wore briefs for so long and be afraid to try boxers- but once I did I had so much freedom! And I tried briefs again and couldn't stand it! Can sleep similar to that, and is easier if in highschool
i use boxers and sumtimes boxer briefs
briefs they bestow support i just entail it and it may lower sperm count but my dad has worn briefs adjectives of his life and he fathered me and my brother.
I wear boxers when im at work or when im at home basically cause its really comfy

But i do wear briefs or jocks when i work out.
i dont know if that make sense ahahaha

but, yeah im more of a boxer kinda guy
personally if its a conventional day i wear boxers bring they more comfortable and breathable, but if im at a game (soccer) i typically wear briefs or compression shorts
hope my opinion help
breifs, gives more support

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