Does have tons underarm pelt mortifying for men?

i am just 15 years antediluvian and if girls can see my underarm, they all laughing because I hold huge amount of hair. Im a basketball varsity player and sometimes it embarrased me to play. what should I do?

Answers:    Yep, close to some others on here said: maybe trim them down a bit (don't shave), but merely if it is something YOU want to do! Having body is sexy and being slice of a guy! When it all boils down to it, really who care what other people assume (you will learn this the elder you get)! Good luck (and by the way, I'm domineering. I wish I be hairier)!
trim your pit hamsters up a bit but don't shave them bald, blokes are designed to have coat there it`s time the girls screech pretend to lick your armpit, embrace their mockery and it will soon dissapear

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