About the penis?

im just wondering does the Maxoderm work? is at hand any exercises that you can do to make your penis bigger? Because i know that the penis pumps dont work. im just 6 in. but my girth is alright. how can you get hold of bigger girth? How can i get it longer. lol dont voice to pull it out. I necessitate some serious tips

You can't!! So, live with what you enjoy and develop techniques that please your partner.

this is funny
lol..ask ur doc
This should not be of any concern to you. Despite contrary belief, your penis is average size, considering that average falls at around 5.5".

You'll find out that 6" is more than satisfactory to satisfy any woman.

However, since you are so concerned, within is really no way, short of spending tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, to expand your penis.
Sorry you got what you get. Nobody cares but you anyway

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