14.5 Years Old...How Tall Am I Going to Be?

I'm 14 years old, 5'9", 135lb, with a 9 shoe size *Mens*

I was wondering how tall I am going to end up.

My dad is 5'10, my mom is 5'5, and my brother is 5'7 (18 Years Old)

My mom's side of the family is full of tall people of that helps. Cousins - 6'2 / 6'2 / 6'4 / 6'6 / 6'8 / 6'8
Uncles - 6' / 6'7
If that helps a little.

I grew 4 inches this whole year. I grew an inch every 2 months since February.

How tall do you think I will be?
Will I make it to 6'2 - 6'4?

ALSO, can you tell me how tall you were when you were 14 and how tall you are now at your age? Thanks

And is there any stretches I could do to grow taller? Or anything to help me grow taller? Thanks again!

Well, your family sounds decently tall, and you're all ready pretty tall for your age. Plus, you have a while left to go! Guys don't really stop growing until about 18-19. Still, there's no for sure way to know how things will turn out, but really, I wouldn't sweat it. 5'9" is a great height. You're not too tall, not short; I'd be happy staying that height.

Also, I'm 5'8.5", and I'm 17, and since I was 15, I haven't grown an inch. Yeap, so you might not grow, you more than likely will.

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