Am i going to smell resembling weed adjectives time?

I smoked some weed(kush) last hours of darkness, enough to gain my pretty high, I didnt even really want to do it but i backfire when it comes to peer pressure. Is the smell gunna seep through my pores when i sweat? if so should i pocket a shower or what?

If you have facial coat, maybe someone could smell it, but if it be from last hours of darkness, then probably not. And seep through your pores?? What? No! Don't you take showers everyday anyways?
Sounds to me resembling you still may be high! LOL

Take a shower - you'll be fine.
you should not even be doing weed you idiot it is the windowpane to more drigs which can kill you geez passageway to try to get yourself kill
hey john cena- shut the fukc up.

dude weed is fine. its illegal, its non-hazardous, it makes your lungs hurt, doesn`t matter what.

but the peer pressure thing is your biggest problem here. i would reccomend dont move onto other drugs. anything besides weed is pretty bleak. if you wanna try the others, fine, but whatever. AND IF THERES TWO DRUGS YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER DO, ITS HEROIN, AND METH.
Have a shower and wear fresh clothes and conceivably a bit of cologne. It won't seep through your pores. Weed make you paranoid (maybe that's why you're asking this question ;) ) so possibly think roughly speaking this consequence next time it's offered and you may not donate into peer pressure. There's nothing wrong next to being assertive. You may even be respected for it.
i'm a teen girl.. and i stay away from guys who smoke.. it newly freaks me out... if you keep letting culture push you around, who knows what you might meander up doing in the adjectives. stand up to people.. trust me... they'll realize what idiots they're person for trying to push you to do the wrong thing...

if you wanna agree about.. stuff.. e-mail me.. i'd be glad to talk to ya.

xo lauren
God what a stupid request for information...If you stink take a fukcin shower idiot.Maybe some pit stick ...
The smell will not creep through your pores, it may however still be noticeable on your clothes depending on how long you be exposed to the weed. If you had it contained by your pocket for a while or you smoked it in a confined place approaching in a sports car or a small room,but if you were outside contained by the open nouns you should be fine. General hygiene practices will take aid of any residual smell(i.e. brushing teeth ,handwashing,bathing and a change of clothes. P.S. Stand up for yourself,don`t hand over in to the pressure. If these be your friends you should only own to tell them once and they should respect your choice. If they are not really friends merely don`t hang around near that crowd anymore you`re not missing anything anyway. Besides that stuff is expensive so tell them "Look that mode there`s more for you." Good Luck.

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