Do i entail to be circumsized. and deos it HURT?

Since my first **** i noticed that my penis never come out the foreskin when i went sturdy, it also hurt like hell because whenever i be hard my penis would try to come out but the forskin is simply too tight and if i do ever get my director out of the foreskin i can feel the blood supply draw from cut off.

do i want to get circumsized?
n to any1 who have it done when they werent a baby, deos it hurt?

The condition is call phimosis.

Unable to retract your foreskin is not reason for circumcision.
"One may expect 50 percent of ten-year-old boys; 90 percent of 16-year-old boys; and 98-99 percent of 18 year-old males to own full retractable foreskin. " [ ]

"Topical steroid ointment is immediately the treatment of choice for phimosis, due to low morbidity, lack of misery or trauma, and low cost." [ ]
"Reports in the medical literature from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, France, Australia, Serbia, and the United States own demonstrated the efficacy of topical steroid ointment contained by the relief of preputial stenosis within boys. The application of steroid ointment to the foreskin have the effect of accelerating the conventional growth and expansion of the foreskin that occurs over several years and which usually results surrounded by the spontaneous relief of the non-retractile condition. Narrow foreskins usually eventually expand without treatment.

The treatment is non-surgical. There is no trauma and no surgical risk. The treatment is inexpensive. The foreskin and adjectives of its protective, erogenous, sensory, and sexual physiologic functions are preserved. A success rate contained by the range of 85-95 per cent is reported. Treatment of diminish non-retractile prepuce with topical steroid cream is now recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics"

Alternatively, you may verbs the skin back until you be aware of a stretch but not to the point of pain. This will wreak it to expand naturally over time.

See this forum in relation to conservative treatment, especially stretching, of non-retractile foreskin:
You dont need to be circumsized.

I have the same problem copious years ago, ( when i was 16, 17 )

Just practise pulling it spinal column in the tub ( Dont pull to complex ) try adding brackish into the bath dampen .

This is what my doc advised me and it seem to work over time.

And aso you dont need to verbs it right back to hold a baby. As long as your semen get in adjectives should be ok.
Just try to stretch it gently. The saline sounds like it would sting. Be sure you are GENTLE. ~GL
No, you don't call for a circumcision. Yes, it would hurt to have it done -- and make tracks you with a lastingly less sensitive penis.

Rather than write greatly, let me refer you to the excellent answers that be given by Jorge and others another time this question be asked:;...
i think its best if you get circumsized, the way you put your situation.
and yes it hurts, a lott.
No you don't inevitability to get circumcised and yes, circumcision does hurt. You come across to have a condition call phimosis, where the foreskin initial is too tight/narrow for you to be able to retract (pull back) fully. There are lots ways to loosen the foreskin to cure this.

The first thing you should try are stretching exercises. See intermingle 1 for good and detailed instructions on what to do. You should do those exercises for a few minutes respectively day for a few weeks to a month, preferably right after a shower/bath.

If after a month or so and little/no progress, near are certain prescription creams that'll assist loosen the foreskin. In one study, these creams are the most cost-effective treatment a doctor can provide (link 2, names of creams contained by one of the tables). Be aware that like the stretching exercises, the creams may thieve up to a month for the full effect; but you can make things walk a bit faster if you combine the creams with the stretching exercises.

If worse comes to worst and neither of the above treatments work (which is uncommon), later it might be worth considering surgical intervention. However, this doesn't necessarily mean circumcision as at hand are still options. There are operation that are cheaper, less tender, remove little/no foreskin, and have a quicker retrieval time (link 3). Regardless, any surgery should be considered as a last resort for when the 2 treatments above hold failed.

Again, within almost all cases of phimosis the stretching exercises and/or the creams will work. See links 4 and 5 for more info on phimosis. Besides, in attendance are reasons to keep hold of your foreskin if you can only loosen it (links 6, 7, 8). Good luck next to whatever you try.
It really does hurt - as you would expect! - but it sounds like you don't requirement it. You could try other treatments first...see your doctor...there is stretching and creams...but if it is really desperate then you can find it done. But you should try other things first.

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