Over wieght ?

my son is 12 in december he is 109lbs he lives on a plough does alot of chores so he is musaculir is he over wieght

weight is a false height.you want to ask is he over fat. muscle weigh more than fat does and immensity doesn't take into justification body frame size. plus he's only 12 so if he looks in shape that is adjectives that matters.
It is complicated to tell you inevitability his height also. He could be 12 and 6' so we can't answer you. Do not verbs muscle weight next to fat weightiness. ~GL
u need to take a dr. to find his body mass index. this will tell you what percentage of his body is heavy. he will also tell you what is middle-of-the-road for ur son's age and height. if he get plenty of exercise and is still determined to be overweight, then the dr. should know how to suggest adding constant foods and/or vitamins that will increase his metabolism, along with foods that requirement to be eliminated from his diet. usually the first things to budge are white rice, breads, and potatoes. these are carbs that are really not good for you. try alternatives similar to WHOLE GRAIN breads, and sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. also, he may check his thyroid gland (a simple blood test) to make sure that it is working properly. i.e. the most common issue for empire who do all of the right things but are still any over-weight or even under-weight! you know what ur child eats, so, start by monitoring his each day exercise and cut out the white carbs. reduce his sugar intake (like trading out for sugarless jelly, gum, candy,syrup, fruit juice, use splenda or other sugar sub. in tea and stop the sodas completely, etc.) if he doesn't show any response to this surrounded by about a month or 2, consequently get him to a dr. and find that thyroid checked.

goldwing is right! 109lbs at 12 yrs old doesn't nouns fat to me any! i teach 6th status and i would say most of my students weigh somewhere within that range. my son is 8 and weigh 76lbs. he is not overweight at all! abundantly of how u carry ur counterweight depends on ur height. but i am recounting u that a dr. can measure his body solid, and tell u if he is over freight for his age and height.
It's probably muscle. I own some friends who are serious serious athletes and they weigh a lot more than i do because of muscle. I'm not indolent, i just prefer foxtrot, yoga, pilates, etc for exercise. I think within are some scales that tell you your %of body round. Or you could ask a doctor.
IF he doesn't look fat, he isn't round. That was simple, wasn't it? But, do not allow him to guzzle to the point where he get fat...at his age, he will put on oil cells smoothly. Unless he is very short, 109 pounds does not nouns fat to me.

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