Blood vessel extends out the cessation of my penis.?

On the end of my penis are several small spots that appear to be the expire of the blood vessels that supply my organ next to blood to help produce erectins. One of those have become enlarged and extends past the terminate of my penis, right on the very winding up next to my urethral openening. It almost looks approaching a wart, and is annoying to me, and my wife. I know it's a blood vessel because during periods of sexual buzz when the blood is flowing more vigorously it change in appearance from a easier said than done dry brown colored thing that looks similar to a wart, into a soft smooth shiney bulbuous thing that looks resembling a miniature balloon that's on the verge of bursting. Just wondering if anybody else ever have a similar problem, and what can be done medically to get rid of it? Or where on earth do I go for assistance?

These are loosely called, Blood tumors. No big buy and sell, they are tightly massed capillaries that form a 'ball' of tiny blood vessel. You can have them removed by laser at the doctors.not extremely painful. BUT, general public who have these may be more susceptable to skin cancer within their lives, so wear sunscreen at all times. And, I am not conversation about skin cancer on your dick...I am discussion in standard. good luck
I own one near the tip close to first for urine/sperm. But it doesn't balloon out. I think it won't burst, rest assured. Good luck!
I would ruminate it would be important to gain that checked out by your doctor if it is a blood vesel it can be fixed so it doesn't swell but it is unusual to have those and might be indicative to a problem
i'm no doctor, but you know how they can erase spider vein and busted blood vessels from women's legs? conceivably they could do it to your manhood? ask your doctor - good luck
Where do you suppose you be in motion for help ?. To a DOCTOR, obviously !.
Dude, what the HELL is your problem? This is a question you inevitability to be asking a DOCTOR, not a bunch of anonymous strangers.

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