Am I too skinny?

I am a 16 year old guy, and I enjoy a 28 1/2" waist, and my upper arms are about 10" around, and my rists are almost 7" around. I eat greatly, it's not like I starve myself or anything, or is this in recent times how I am. Thanks.

go to gym buddy, you will gross your day
yeah, turn to burger king
At your age I had a 32 surrounded by waist and 16 in arms. Time for you to "achieve pumped!"
Nope. That's all element of being a pubescent boy. You're probably right in the middle of your first growth spurt. You'll procure taller then surrounded by a few years, around 19 or 20, you;ll start to fill out and inaugurate to get for a while shoulder width and bulk
you know the story of Lilliput who once go to an island where he be greeted by islanders who are giants where on earth Lilliput was Pygmy and on other instance he was giant.. and islanders be Pygmies..

so every where relatively you will be aware of skinny and giant. but do not feel cold-hearted. you accept your self as temper made you. and take vigilance of your body . remain healthy . chomp through wholesome food. avoid intoxicants, maintain routine of exercise , food work , and rest regularly and you hold years to go. you will spy the change inside six months

report after six months.
wats ur weight ??
Don't verbs about it. When my husband and I get married, he had a 28" waist and is 5'10", so you can believe how skinny he was. Now that he's 53, he have a 36" waist. He was skinny adjectives his life and he ate resembling a pig. I'm not kidding, this guy would munch through every 2 hrs. He just have a very alive metabolism. As long as you're healthy, intake a good diet and not vigorous food, don't worry, you will eventually put on some substance. Do what the first guy who answered said, go to the gym and build up your muscles. Don't do what the other girl said and be in motion to Burger King, that's junk food that will just clog up your arteries. You should see the picture of my husband when he was your age, He looked similar to a stick with 2 legs, But he looks darn fine very soon.
At that age I was thinner than you. You will be alright. Eat in good health and keep fit, to be exact more important!
DAMN BOY!! You get some pretty mad metabolic rates. I am studying to become a doctor so i am studying metabolic diseses right in a minute (i'm 14) and i would work out, eat reguraly, and sleep all right.
No, youre not too skinny. I was probably newly as skinny when I was that age. I could also out guzzle every one in my class. But I be a runner, had a swift metabolism and was going through a growth spurt. But if youre worried around it u can go to GNC or some fitness store and buy immensity gainer and start lifting weights.
Brad, you are thin by moral fibre...count your blessings. There will come a day when those around you will be aggression weight and you won't be. BUT, that doesn't relieve out today. You need to do some wieght lifting and do it right. If you know anyone who works out, ask them how, when, and something like form. Start and stick with it 3 times a week merely. You are at an age where you can develop like greased lightning. Do it. 10" arms are not going to wow the gals over.

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