15 yearold wants minister to!!?

I just turned 15, Im straight. But i really dont love girls on the other hand, is it normal? Yes when i see a hot girl i utter oh she's hot, but i dont think something like sex and i havent felt surrounded by love, am i normal will i eventually love girls and get the impression what other guys feel?

Give it time. Just loaf until you turn 18...you won't be able to muse about anything but girls. As long as you find girls to be pretty and attractive, you should be fine. If you start to feel guys are prettier than girls, then you might own a problem.
yes/ don't/ rush it /your/ fine
You might , you might not. Either way, be who you are and love who you are.
Yes your average. Give it some time, it wont be too much longer and then you will be a horny lust gadget!
You can't know your straight if you aren't even attracted to girls.

Yes, you could be a late developer, and straight, but you could also be gay.

no worries any way.
It will come about. In the mean time hold on to up the solo sex to relive tension and sexual anxiety. Do not force the love issue or the date piece when you are ready it will come about.
yeah its completelly normall you will survive!!

and feel impossible to tell apart things
You are fine. And lucky. You can constentrate on doing well contained by school a bit than chasing girls. Have fun and don't worry.
That is commonplace,give some time 2 urself. It is conceivably that u hav not found the gal whom after seeing ur heart strungs a guitar.Just chill & don't think just about it so much.
Dont sweat it, i was 18 until that time i really got into girls, because alot of teenagers are have sex does not mean you are wierd or strange because you are not have sex. Remember, all citizens are diferent.
You're only 15, you've get another 70+ years to fall surrounded by love. There's no rule that says you must slump in love by the time you're 15. Don't stress give or take a few it and it will happen when you least possible expect it
dude thats good, don't rush yourself. Dont push yourself into wanting to own sex. Take your time. I'm 16, and I am not ready for the adjectives sex thing, im glad im not. Because you could closing stages up with a child while you're still one. Dont rush.
I be the same instrument. I was into sports and that's adjectives I wanted to do adjectives time. I had a girl that come over one day and we laid on the couch together watching T.V. and I realize after she gone that she was wanting to hold sex by some of the things that she was doing and maxim. After she left, I required to kick myself. It is mundane. give it sometime, once you start you will will you did think that approach all the time. You are still youthful, enjoy your teen years.
you are fine. don't verbs. be cool. just be what you are.
Ur fine dont rush urself but i provide u props in aphorism wen i see a girl i say o she's hot but i dont other mean it cuz i suggest alot of guys just say aloud that cuz they think in that cool >.>

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