Can this occur?

if you jak off will your kids turn out regular

can your sperm clog the toilet??

depends where you do it and depends how much is produced and how big your toilet is!
Are you for solid? can't tell if this is a serious quiz or not?!

Ummm anyway, Yes and probably no, unless you save it up within a bucket and tip it all down the loo at once.
Your kids and your toilet will be fine.
yes your kids will turn out everyday. it doesent do anything to harm anything within your body. and you produce millions or sperm EACH DAY.
and no your sperm cant clog the toilet.
do you know how small your sperm is? microscopic.. and if your talking something like your semen clogging the toilet.. no that cant either. its close to liquid so it cant.
Yes it can totally surface i wouldn't do it any more and my toilet was so clogged once we have to cal a plumber LMAO

YOUR kids will likely not be typical.

Your sperm will not clog the toliet.
yes your children will turn out normal.
and no you wont clog ur toliet..
unless u dont flush....
more than predictable your kid's will be born normal and unless you c-o-m-e resembling an Elephant your sperm won't clog the toilet! ;)


If your only masturbating, you wont conclusion up with kids! You requirement a woman to make that take place! It is normal for a mannish to masturbate. Your future children stand newly as much chance of one normal or exceptional as anyone elses regardless of whether you masturbate or not.
No your sperm is not going to clog a terlit!
Of course! there is nil wrong when you jak off and it is a raw process for every boy to want to do it. Its natural but as long as you don't over do it would enjoy adverse effect to your health.
Sure, your children will turn out usual, abnormalness in children is a totally complicated process based on other factor such as diet, smoking, being within contact with organize or mercury substances, clash in DNA, constant poor vigour, hereditary, big stress levels, sexually transmitted diseases and copious more.
Therefore what you are doing is normal.
For example 3 to 4 times a tenancy,
For example every two Weeks.
For example twice a day, two times within a weak.

By the road you would need to flush the toilet at lowest possible twice to wash away your evidence or merely take a tissue treatise to wipe away your evidence thoroughly.

Cool, have fun, soak up, seize the moment!
yes your kids will be fine


no it cant clog the toilet ...wat?
i love the answer roughly speaking saving contained by a bucket.
fabulous idea.
if i be a guy i'd be seriously tempted to try that.

and yes, logically it will come back up.
it's resembling those crocodiles that you would always see crawling out of your toilet as a kid.
or when you be high.
except this is much more frightening/dangerous.

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