Can diminishing pelvic/pubic podgy make penis look longer?

i got some pelvic fat that makes my "you know" look small.. honestly it is 4 nch (erect)with the pelvic plump.. do you think losing immensity and decreasing pelvic might make it close to at least 5 (erect) inch?? im weigh more than a 210.. my target weight is 175.. do you judge i will achieve that lenght?? i know it won't grow but since near is a pelvic fat and i want to return with rid of it.. will it show more of me?? thanks..

I hear or read somewhere that for every 25 lbs you lose-you gain and inch. So good luck!
Go ahead lose that freight it will not make your penis smaller or larger of late allow more of it to show. Get the excess out of the way its longer yes.
Look Sweetie, You are what you are. If it is 4" that's what you enjoy and learn to work it solid good. But the answer to your ask is (YES) It will look longer because it's not being hide away. Now don't hurt yourself to obtain this. LOVE YOURSELF and in attendance is someone that will love you back newly like that. Besides sweetie, didn't anyone give an account you that you have the average manly size?? 4/6" is the going size. Motion of ti ocean is what rocks the boat....
yes!! I have a boyfried who lost over 50 prounds and his penis looked a lot bigger. And also, it go in deeper, since there's smaller quantity fat to cushion it adjectives,
Definately yes.. Loose that weight.. my man
Cut your penis past its sell-by date. It works great. Besides, you can glue it rear on whenever you need it.
on oprah she said for every 30 lbs men loose they gain an inch on their penis and it make perfect sense

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