14 surrounded by 45 second?

I can come in 45 second when masturbating. Is this normal. I ask some of my friends how long it take them and they tell me close to 3-5 minutes. So is this normal?

once u master the technique of not coming surrounded by 10 mins u will be a master
i think you're wholesome
and really horny?
i dont know im a girl
It's normal for you. But not regular to be counting the seconds it take for you to ***.kinda wierd. Don't worry give or take a few it, just hope you don't closing 45 seconds when certainly doing the deed.
Honestly it depends how belated you started puberty, when i first started i did the same entry now i walk 4 10 minutes some times. Besides nothing to be ashamed of i own friends that finish in 10 second it all depends.
powerfully im a girl so im not sure, i guess you can just go and get off really effortless
i dont think its regular... but i dont think theres anything wrong next to it. just not as fun i guess
Quite commonplace and depends on how you do it. Train yourself to full 10mins. it will be helpfull in the adjectives.
yea, think i.e. really good adn sound..
erm i think its the wreak that u do it often, and erm too live liao, in a mode your erection is very intricate... is like the sperm are in position to shoot out by the time u about to do, so it will shoot out once u do...
i cud come contained by 10 secs when i was a youth!

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