AKWARD! Puberty Help?

a couple problems:
1) my penis curves to my right and i wanna fix that so its straight, im guessing its from masturbating. ne help!!
2 & 3) I dont enjoy much hair on my arms and legs and i be wondering if taking hormones would help. also im still really small down within and hope to change that surrounded by the next year or so! would horomones assist that at all? ne give support to with this at adjectives either???

1. Most penises do curve. Very few are really straight, so your are common. The curve does not hurt anything.
2. Don't worry in the region of your size. The fact that you do not enjoy much hair on your legs tell me you are still in the hasty stages of puberty. No worries, it will all appear soon. Hormones, by the way, SHRINK your penis and effect a lot of other problems. Don't try to rush through puberty-it adjectives happens hurried enough, and you simply do it once. Relax!
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1. your penis doesnt curve to one side bc of masturbation..

2. Dont do it.

3. Be proud with what you own. Atleast yours can stand up without pills.. surmise of all those men who cant bring back their's up!
why are you kids so worried?!!

1. Dont do anything stupid..
2. dont do drugs.
3. learn to hang about for the time to come..
4. People mature, you own plenty of time in your enthusiasm..
1) that doesn't come from masturbating. Who cares anyway? The woman (or guy) wont strictness whether it goes come what may.
2) Don't take hormones. Dint catch pills for your problem "down there", they are just sugar pills. It is probably not as small as you deduce. Most people, except for you, don't aid!
ya it would, But plan on dieing when your 50-60 years old , if your lucky,and in attendance illegal unless a doctor give it to you, and if you do it illegally, a partially smart doctor will know! SO NO!! youll get near!
Your penis isn't curved because you masterbate, for some guys it's just close to that.
It sounds like you're a moment ago starting puberty any way, you your pelt, and length will come with time hun :]
ur penis curves 2 the right cuz im on the right side of u. he he. its everyday.
your penis dosen't curves because of masterbation.
-your penis is curves that is fine. penis come in a various size and a few diffrent shape. like straight up.. curve to right or disappeared. and curve up like a banana.
and in the order of your hair leg/arm don't verbs. y u want to have so much curls. and maybe u hold not finish going through puberty..
okay man dont even trip nothin to worry bout dont rob nothin why u want hair anyways
hair blows
and bout ur penis mines like a banana =D and penis dat are curved product da gurl orgasim better or da sex w/e

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