Are here any men out at hand to comment on their personal & physical ambience have already have a vasectomy?

I would like to know anyone who will comment on their experience next to having already undergone a vasectomy, the rationale why you decided it be a good or great opinion, your age when you did the procedure, how long it took, what was or be your worst fears if any, do you wish you have not done it, if so why, & for those responding that have done it for birth control reason or not wanting any or anymore kids, is it working for you as a birth control method? How long ago was your vesectomy? Anybody it did not work for?? What, if anything go wrong, or nothing at adjectives? And lastly, how long is the procedure, did it hurt at all, what be the recovery time for you & how soon could you enjoy penetration sex near a full erection? Are there any psychological drawbacks for anyone and/or did you perceive a loss after? I want to hear feedback from experienced males rather than ask a doctor black and white question & getting clinical answers. Thanks much

I'm 33 and had one two years ago it took in the order of 30 min total they used a local to numb me and all I really feel was close to I had the breath knock out of me when the doctor pulled the vas out to cut it and burn it it was a legitimate quick misery didn't last long and I enjoy a very small defect less than 1/2 an inch long I did however experience a side effect my vas swelled going on for 3 weeks later and I have to take an antibotic for roughly 10 days my doctor said that happens contained by 1out of 100 patients and there is noway to give an account if it will happen or not I recommend this for after the surgery lots of rime I used frozen corn and peas cause they stayed froven longer than rime and there be no mess from the water lately wrap it in a towel and place it on your scrotum it sounds cold but trust me it wont I have sex the same morning i had surgery obviously my gun was still loaded (takes just about six weeks to empty it) but it wasn't to scratchy also my doctor told me to "relieve myself often" to get sperm out of my system my wife be very sympathetic with this module of it (use your imagnation on how) I was a bit swollen for about 3 days wear tight undies for support and you will be fine remember for your wife to "be fixed" is alot mor involved and is alot more unsafe along with a hospital stay and a longer seizure time.
it hurts and don't believe anyone that says it don't. i be done having kids, so i thought.its not can and does grow final. you need to hang on to checking your sperm count. good luck. don't forget to shave. lol
I have mine done more than 30 years ago because at that time women on "the pill" were at risk of blood clots. Went surrounded by Fri afternoon and went to work Mon. It be well worth it.
Sorry this is too long.
Um, it shouldn't "grow back". If it does you didn't bring back what you paid for. The vasectomy I have done was the one where on earth the vas deferens is cut, a 1/4 inch section removed, and afterwards the ends are cauterized. This will never grow back.

I am 24, I have mine done 5 days ago. I decided to do it because I hold two wonderful kids, a boy and a girl. This is all I required. I got the procedure because my wife and I talk about it, she be OK with getting her procedure, but I offered to return with mine done. The downtime for a vasectomy is 3 days, that's it. The downtime is boring, sit on the couch with an rime pack on your junk to hang on to swelling down. Pain? For me it was minor discomfort, by a hair`s breadth "hurt" at all. You enjoy to wear a jock strap for a few days to help hold on to support on your parts, mine are still not ready to sway on their own.

It was explained to me that I could resume "majority activity" after 72 hours. I still have on the other hand to resume activity, but at any point long-gone the 72 hour mark, you should be risk-free.

You are not sterile right away. There still may be live sperm in your system. My doctor said to bring contained by a "sample" after 2 months, then they check for sterility. So, if you enjoy sex after the procedure, please wear a condom until you are declared sterile.

My procedure was just like 30mins total. It be over and done before I know it. I saw the anesthesiologist, and then they be pulling me into recovery. Recovery time depends on what helpful of anesthetic you get. I have to sit in a bed for 30mins and that be all. After that, my wife and I go to Arby's and had lunch. :)

I can't influence much for the psychological drawbacks or feeling a loss after, because I a short time ago had mine done. But, some men aspiration they had wait to get it done. I know I wanted it done. I love my kids to disappearance, but I get stressed out too graceful, so I think two kids are plenty.

If this is what you want done, then make conversation to your urologist. Believe it or not, the answers they give you are pretty perfect ones. They should also have deeply of documentation on the procedure itself.
I did it early 30's, i be done having kids. Had the op on Thursday, go home had some pills, for a time pot and some beer. I basically slept used adjectives above and slept as musch as i could. On Monday i got up go back to mundane life. After doctor said no more sperm i started have the best sex of my life. Beside the times we be making our children every time i had sex i be worried about getting prego, suddenly i be free to go extreme and not worry more or less kids. Sex is never so good as when you are not worring roughly kids.
I had my vasectomy for my 22nd birthday. It be the greatest gift I could ever hold given myself. That was 19 years ago, and the advance has however to wear off.

The surgery cost me $250, and it took simply 15 min. I drove myself home from the surgery. I recovered in one and only two days, and was competent to have sex again by the following weekend. There be no significant pain that could not be handle by plain old aspirin. I didn’t even miss any work because I have it done on a Friday. I had no fears at adjectives, except for fear of the nozzle. Nothing went wrong. My sex energy is better than ever. As I said before I be having sex after lone a week. It had zilch to do with getting an erection. It have to do with the potential risk of infection from have sex before the incisions fully closed.

It works immaculately, as a method of birth control., even though I still use condoms with clean partners. If the surgeon be confident, then it will never grow rear.

All my friends pay child support for kids that they never see. I hold no kids, and therefore don’t salary any child support. I chose the vasectomy because I didn’t want to worry something like having kids. I mistrust getting a woman pregnant more than I fear getting a STD. Most of my friends articulate they wish they have done the same as I did.

I never feel any loss. The only drawback have been social espousal. When I was contained by my 20’s women would not date me because they didn’t see any future have what they call, “empty sex” because they will never become pregnant. Now that I am elder, that is not a problem. Most women my age, are done have children, or don’t want them.

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