(Face) Shaving Advice - Fellows?

What's a good shaving gel? I thought around trying that Aveno gel, even though it's pretty expensive..

My problem is, my face is concrete sensitive, so shaving is a pain while I'm doing it, and after... I use one of those 3 (or 4) blade Gilette blades. It seem to almost pluck the hairs depending on the angle, so that I hold to shave in the direction the curls grows.

Is there a flawless combination of gel and shaver anyone has found for sensitive, irritable skin?

(I don't similar to electric shavers, by the way, if you be going to suggest that.)


Hi, first thing is forget the 3 and 4 blade razor, you need a perfect old fashioned Wilkinson sword blade, up to that time you shave put a flannel in cold hose down and ring it out tight, then place contained by the microwave for about 20 to 30 second till its warm. place it over the beard for in the order of 1 min, this will soften the beard, consequently use a alcohol free gel or foam for sensitive skin and you will be OK
Ok try this, do your shower regularly and then try shaving within the shower with marine running slowly. You need to hang about after using the foam or gel for at least five minutes, you spike may be hard or coarse and thats why you are have problems.
You are supposed to shave with the crumb first, and then (only if stipulation be) against it.
If your face is that sensitive, skip the second portion (unless you're really woolly LOL).
With all the experience I've have (with sensitive skin myself mind you) I've found the multi-blade razors to truly work better than single bladed ones.
Honestly, I don't think the gel have anything to do with it.
Again, if you're not too woolly, try shaving simply every other day or so. This works too.
You can also experiment beside the water warmth that you use. I heard once that using cold river instead of hot, making the blade contract instead of expand, makes for a nicer, cleaner shave. I've tried it, but I prefer shaving near hot water.
The process i learned to shave be to do it twice, go next to the grain once and after against the grain second time that road it reduces the irritation.

I also own very sensitive skin and it help to shave when your face surrounded by itself is oily, that mode you are shaving with your pure oils along beside the shaving cream, so dont shave after showers or after using face cream.

In jargon of the actual cream there are some shaving creams that are worthy for sensitiive skin although i have even so to feel the difference.
I use Zirh they hold a cream and a gel i like the gel rationale i cant see what im shaving since i sport a goat. Its like 18$ for a tub but it last a while plus if u get an grease to add to your frontage prior it will help more. You can buy it at close to dillards i swear by the stuff and after the mug is smooth. Make sure u shave with your frontage warm and drizzling. For aftershave i use Zirh protect or Jack Black is another one that is a angelic moisturizer.
Good Luck
i also have sensitive skin theres not much u can do i dont assume except deal near it. shave gently and one and only if u got to. they hold gel especially for sensitive and extra sensitive skin.
i used to use this all unconscious aloe something or other gel which worked pretty good but i stopped buying it raison d`¨ētre it was complex to find/expensive.
now i use merely aveeno extra sensitive or colgate or whatever comes around. i focus after u shave more and more it becomes smaller quantity of a problem i dont even think in the region of it anymore.. btw the guy above me had really flawless tips with the thaw towel/ old conservatory razor but its a hassle im sure.
i hear ya. i own sensitive skin too and i hate shaving. you hold a couple of things.

first off, the sensitivity can be reduced any by putting a warm, showery towel on your face for a short time while. the aveeno gel is pretty good but for a cheaper likelihood, the edge gel ain't so fruitless either. when you put the shaving cream on, permit it sit a little bit on your beard so it truly works. and always shave after you grasp out of the shower.

as for the blades, I like gillette tho I'm not sure there's too much of a difference between adjectives these multiple blade razors. the trick is to shave next to the grain first, afterwards shave from side to side. THEN shave against the grain.

correct luck

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