Am I Weird?

Is it weird that i tuck my penis beneath my legs and act resembling a girl?

yo dude, i've done that, it's funny.

..but like i've simply done it like once.

how several times have ya done it, eh?
lol..uhhh. i deem its funny when guys do that lol.
um, its funny but a bit weird that u in actuality probably like to do that.
Yeah its call being gay
answer to the title: yes
answer to the cross-examine: try the LGBT section. they can answer you better!
Been watchin Silence of the Lambs for a time much there? It's not chance in certainty I'd be amazed if there are guys who haven't done it at most minuscule once in their duration however if you for some reason chew over that there is in fact a girl inside you and you'd be happier as one then we may hold a problem.
It really depends on who you ask. I think it's a short time ago fine. I've met guys who want to act feminine... it ranges from self unashamed of their love of knitting to wearing dresses within public, pretending to be girls. Other people conjecture you're weird if you don't Walk Like A Man, Talk Like A Man, and Eat Bears For Breakfast. These are indistinguishable kind of ethnic group who think you're chance if you wear black clothes.

If you have urges to accomplishment like a girl, or be a girl, or in recent times have trustworthy "girl-like" qualities, that's fine. Lots of citizens do. You'll probably find other people who will adopt you for who you are; you'll also find people who conjecture you're weird, so be wary in your scrabble!!
yes its wierd

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