Blood contained by my stool ??

over the past two days ive have two movements and there have been blood surrounded by my stool both times. i'm a bit worried. should i be? I'm not sure if this could be related to the vasectomy i had two weeks ago.

Is near blood in the toilet, or on your serious newspaper? Blood in your stool would sort your feces black and different. Blood would come from some kind of cut. If its on your broadsheet you've either ripped your anus, tore an incision possibly below your testes..other than that I've never hear of anyone just crapping blood..unless you've be eating chalice. Now if you've been hit contained by the kidneys or had a kidney infection you might urinate blood.. Either method if your uncomfortable after have your vasectomy or had anymore question I would definately call that doctor up and ask him!
You should probably telephone call the doctor. It could be something non threatening like hemmroids, or it could be serious similar to internal bleeding.
A vasectomy should not cause blood contained by your stools. Commonest cause is a hemorrhoid. Nevertheless, even if stools appear average, I would seek a doctor's proposal about have them tested for occult blood. It is very simple and inexpensive.
No, it's not related to that. If it is streaks of blood, it might be due to infection of the colon approaching amoebiasis or shigellosis, if it is too much, it might be due to haemorrhoid. Please, describe your condition thoroughly. And i will answer you properly.
My friend Ranger Jeff T. had blood ON his stool!

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