Alot of times after i enjoy sex.?

the skin on the underside of my penis will hurt and be kind of crude. theres a small, ... i dont want to say cut... but almost close to a rugburn or something. its red and the skin is extra sensitive for a day or two. could this be from the persuaded lube ? or am i just too rough?

it happen.

you hit it right on, its called rugburn. little sores might develop, even possibly cuts surrounded by severe cases. but you'll be fine. dont engage within anything after it and let them totally alleviate up. tell her to only just jerk herself for a few night until you'r all heal up
Could be a bunch of different things. I have made the mistake of using non river soluable lubricants (back massage turns into more) and have a similiar experience. I've also had some rough sex and have sore/sensitive areas. So i think your imaginative theory is polite however if the area does not alleviate within 24 hours or look better inwardly a few days, i'd double check who you are sleeping with and conceivably get checked as you might be dealing next to a bigger issue.
that some tight stuff u getting and thats good

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