What is the best cologne out at hand?

The only answer I don't want is axe.

jake by hollister, polo romance, and enormously sexy for him
i wear "very sexy" from victorias undercover.

oh or "gio" by armani
Aqua DiGio or something like that. It is sooooooooo bangin!
Euphoria for Men. OMG I could hyperventilate smelling that on my hubby.
all right that's a shame, because axe is the best. mmm it smells so good, that's resembling instant seduction. haha but Tag is also good.
Chrome or Aqua de Gio from Armani
Hugo Boss, Cool Water..mmmmmmmmm.....
paris hilton for men. im a girl and if i smell that on a guy, i chase them.
stub? LOL just playin near ya. I use Addidas Moves, its pretty good.
FYI: try irish spring gel deoderant, it works great and the scent last FOREVER. =]
I like Azul from Anchor Blue. I also approaching Preferred Stock.these are what my hubby wears and they smell sooooo fitting.
statically Aqua DiGio from Armani is the top selling cologne, and has be for a while now. So that have to say something in the region of it.!
cologne responds differently on different people. What I would recommend is subsequent time you go to the shopping precinct go within through a department store, try on 2 different colognes, one on each wrist when you are done shopping see which one you still similar to the smell of. Good luck, I have bought several a perfume that smells nice on someone else but not on me.
Something mild. Don't wear a lot of anything. Are you wearing one currently? Do society seem to similar to it? There just isn't one best cologne for everyone. It depends on your personal body chemistry, your preferences and the preferences of anyone you will to please. You can try one on in the store. Don't choose at first sniff. Walk around beside it on for a half hour and see how you approaching it then.
Aqua Di Gio by Armani, Curve by Liz Claiborne, Velocity by Mary Kay, Mambo not sure who make it, Also, Angel not sure who makes it Thommy something, but its smells amaizing!
I use safari...bit soaring priced, but long lastin odor andlittle goes a long route.
Dolce & Gabbana for men.
I like no cologne.


and lots others..

go to store and try on sample before buying
daytime aftershaves whould be hurricane lantern ones like Paul Smith, CK one, Hugo Boss Energise (or any other hugo Boss one), evening ones would be more big scets like Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci Envy, Chanel Allure and Platinum Egoiste by Chanel, but it might freshly be easier just to want what type of scent you want e.g. daytime/evening, spicy/cologney, or any other things you like the smell of any discribe this to a shop assistant at a perfume counter and bring back them to pick out somthing that matches your like
my favs...in no perticular instruct
paul sabastian (when being cosey)
polo green
polo black
gio by armani
nautica voyage (newer)
cool wet
acqua di gio by armani. its worth the 40 bucks.
Horse manure tend to get a response from the ladies.

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