Advice on voice deepen?

I am 16 and my voice still hasn't broke. I thought it had, a bit, but ancestors keep taking the p!ss outta me, and when I asked me bro even he said i sounded 4 (and no he werent jus bein tight).

he said he be the same. i be thinking about going to the docs, and seeing give or take a few testosterone tablets.

everything else seemed to be OK, bigger bits, partly descended testicles, hair surrounded by all the right places including obverse, but now it seem to have stopped. it really is starting to find me depressed!

You got a prob if your boys are with the sole purpose half descended.
Don't Rush what GOD have made prefect It will come
Dont worry something like it, we all develop at diff times
Here is a simple exercise that will give support to you with your voice.
Stick your tongue out and hold it beside 2 fingers. Then repeat this phrase;" I was born on a pirate ship." Do this everyday your voice will bring back deeper.

Good Luck!
Don't worry roughly speaking still have 5 more years to grow. It only takes time...
ball dropping getting laid and balls dropping
dont verbs.. everyone develops at different times. And guys develop even slower/later than girls. They usually keep growing surrounded by college! Your voice will get deeper, and if it really bothers you that impossible just discuss to your dad or some adult mannish or doctor.
Maybe you're a late bloomer. Just lurk for the right time for it to develop.
try some vocal exercise gargle sea morning and night making a humming nouns
Don't worry; be appreciative for that. I'm 16, my voice has broken, and every time I make conversation to someone on the phone e.g a relative they say "oh my god, is that you? you nouns so different! just resembling your dad!" etc etc. Even if they have said that partially a billion times before. It get very annoying after a while. So bring it easy. Your voice will break earlier you know it.
hey hun seriously dont worry the lowest possible about tht... every1 no thing wht gender keep on growin till they r 20-22 so thers a lot of time dont verbs... n ur brain only fully develops till u r resembling 25... hope this info is in sum channel encouraging..

n i think it is kida cute ur voice hasnt still muted broken n e ways everything will come in time!!

ps: dont smoke this much plz u r of late damagin ur health no use at adjectives..

tc n b happy next to wht ya got!! x x x
Try avoiding testosterone tablets or any open-handed of steroids, who knows what might come up in the long occupancy!

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