Tiny bumps?

my boyfriend recently notice he had tiny red bumps on his thigh and 2 on his penis they're not tender or itchy and go away over hours of darkness he has have them one time before but they other go away can anyone put in the picture me what these could be?

i know what you are talking around ! hum even tho you are married it is very graceful to pick up an STD!~ and hopefully not in this armour ATD! of RTD !( a-air and r - random) just seize it Locked at by your physician and get tested ! perchance good for the both of you ! or it my merely be his skin is getting sensitive as he ages ! he is more prone to the little things like warmness bumps and "dipper rash" in our luggage just a conventional rash from irritated skin ! resourcefully good luck I am sure it is nought big!
could be anything, but sounds like boil rash

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