Are adjectives yellowish looks approaching cornstarch from the penis are cause by UTI or STD?

stains spot into underwear...

You could have a yeast infection, men capture them also or in your shield boys. Run don't walk to your doctor. Please use a condom when have sex.
Its dried up semen
see a doctor and stay away from nasty cootch
It could be some munificent of allergic reaction or STDs, specifically gonorrhea or chlamydia, both surrounded by which are treatable by injection and tree little pills that make you sky elevated...anyways, go see your doctor and carry treated.and no more unprotected should also get tested for other STDs, you could also enjoy others and have no symptoms...
No it is cause by not getting the urine off your penis after you pee. Shake 3 times ~GL
omg i wanna fuk you
yeast infection
Maybe you're a short time ago dribbling pee.
There's an old medical saw that you should never say never and never voice always, but if you enjoy an honest-to-God yellow penile discharge, that's overwhelmingly feasible to be infectious.

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