What is the average penis length of a sixteen year antiquated?

i believe i have a small penis, and would similar to to know the average size for my age. I know size does'nt really matter, but im not confident to ask out a girl because of this. my penis if for a moment over 4 inches long in erection. is this small? i own been waiting for a long time for a girlfriend, but could never build up the confidence to ask a girl out. is at hand any one out there that can comfort me?

it depends on what "scale" you're using. 5-6 is what I've read. I wouldn't worry nearly it. Your penis is the last item a girl is thinking of when you ask her out. Maybe this is why more ppl don't have long occupancy relationships, they get into respectively other's pants on the first date and don't even know respectively other.
Do you plan on Porking her from behind on the first date?
You own nothing to verbs about, the average erect penis is between 4 and 7 inches. Size is not everything it's how you use it and if your penis works as it should be festive.
yeah is small but don't worry girls approaching them any way,look it for exemplo lesbians don't enjoy **** and they got plasure.
dont verbs about it probably 4-6 is average for your age dont verbs i was going on for that size. when i turned 17 i gained resembling an inch or two! just hold on to waiting your penis keeps growing until your 21 or so. it will probably grow plus if the girls a virgin she wont know the difference between a big penis and a small one. lately ask her out!

good luck.
its for a while small but you are still growing, 6 inches is the average for the adult mannish.
idk...mine is around 7 but it may still be growing and normal size is 4-7
A girls vagina is one and only 4 inches deep, so your okay. t isn't roughly speaking size. If you find a girl who cares roughly size, dump her, she isn't for you.
you dont have to verbs bout a thing dude. girls doesnt really watchfulness if your penis is small or big..trust me..they want love..we need sex. so girls make available sex so that boys give love..seize it>??
stop watching porn, most guys aren't that big.

some girls only consideration about size. most dont support. odds are she will dump you since you have sex because her friends told her to, you wear the wrong clothes, dont hold a car, too tall/short/heavy/thin/old/youn...

guys purely want big boobs and easy, girls are so fussy.

most of the women i own been next to didn't care. they didnt even check formerly i put it in. i scrounging, i would think they would want to be paid sure it wasn't going to kill them, but they really didnt prudence.

i knew a woman once who loved huge men, as within, make a horse spiteful. they wouldn't fit, and she would be in backache, but she still loved it.
she also loved sex with me, and I'm single average.
made no sense to me.

relax, you might grow another inch, the average adult size is 5 to 6 inches, but for you age its more feasible to be 4 to 6, becasue some teens wont be full grown at 16 so many of you will be 4 to 5, and later some would already have grown fully and be 5 to 6, or more, dont verbs, your still within the everyday length, which is 4 to 7.
it not the size it the way u use it and it that not 2 small and in recent times dont be selfish contained by bed and ur be fine
hey don't worry when you catch to ur 20's it will probally be 7 to 8 inches girl's don't care more or less that so much just hang about to your 20

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