Are sperm...alive?

I saw a video in arts school and its weird they're other wiggling and moving resembling tadpoles. And they also seem to know where on earth to go to attain the precious egg. Do they have little sperm brains contained by their heads?

Yes near alive, and when they die, they will go to glory, but only if they adopt Jesus Christ as there savior.
not brains, but they are alive
They are living cell no less alive than blood cell or bacteria, but logically they do not have brains.
They are cell. They are alive, but they cannot live independently.
yes alive
yeah how do you expect them to swim to the egg if they are dead and you won't hold a baby?
They are living organisms and yes they are singular alive in the humans body, when they are excreted into our world and are exposed to out nouns, they immediately die.
Yes, Son.
yes they are living
They are alive and swim unpredictably. However, they do not have brains that update them where to step. If they're not alive, they would not be able to permeate the egg and make a kid.

So, they are alive, though only as much as microbes or jellyfish.
well let put it this way. Your pee pee is resembling a tadpole and your pee pee always know where to step.
Cells are supposed to be alive
Rent an old movie by Woody Allen call "Everything you always required to know about sex"
There is a scene that depicts what go on with the little sperm fellas. That will clarify the together thing for you!
Yes. but they enjoy no consciousness. Nor even a brain, as we understand it, to register consciousness surrounded by.
yes they are "alive" but they dont know what to do sperm cells of late move in a bridle path that leads them to the ovaries and they step in the egg
they are a living cell. that get Y chromosome and they all rush to find the x chromosome to construct a baby some are stronger swimmers and some arent and those that are variety it whne your sperm is on the way to the "precious egg" they stir in numbers of over 100,000 at a time.
and no they dont enjoy brains - once the sperm get next to the egg and a baby is forming later the brain develops.
yes, sperm is alive...because if it were unresponsive...then it wouldnt move!
I collect all of mine contained by an aquarium. Some of them are getting pretty big. They are pretty cool under the black neutral at night because they illumination. I think surrounded by a couple of weeks I might need to return with a bigger tank because when any women comes essential the tank they dance crazy just splashing adjectives over the place.
they don't have brains but they are alive...don't u conjecture that'd be the first thing u revise in what ever class u saw the video within?
Yes they are and thousands of them die after you ejaculate, don't you feel unpromising?
They are just approaching the sentinels in The Matrix. They know where on earth to go because the Matrix tell them where to step. And once they get to the egg, they use lasers to find inside of the egg and then they live in attendance for nine months and pop out to help repopulate the Matrix.

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