Can the foreskin be repaired if toren?

Absolutely. It does depend on why it was torn, but if it be a simple accident, it should be slickly repaired by a urologist or surgeon.
sure after all it is a moment ago skin
Yes, but if there is phimosis coz of which it be torn, then it will be better to execute circumcision. As repair might aggravate the condition.
never thought about it but, i suppose it could be depending on the tear. if it's concrete bad a circumsision may be compulsory though.
it can but tell me how it get torn to begin beside.
I would say it can be repaired
Sometimes the foreskin tears because of a thrush or yeast infection. Treatment near an anti-fungal cream from a pharmacy kills the infection and allows it to make well up. Avoid soap as this can cause thrush infections.
Another raison d`¨ētre can be a ripped frenulum. These take a month or two to restore to health and can be prone to more problems, depending on how much attachment is left or if you rush it. If at hand is no attachment left three is zilch to rip again and it should heal up fine. Sometimes a doctor will put a stitch surrounded by to help a torn frenulum make well. If that doesn't work a frenuloplasty, to lengthen the frenulum may be vital.
Circumcision is a last resort and should be avoided if at adjectives possible.

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