Boxers and briefs?

what do boxers do for u and how do they feel.
what do boxer briefs do for u and how do they grain.
tell me contained by great detail. give me long answers please.
is boxers suitable for sagging pant or r boxer breifs better for haveing sagging pant.

Boxers are really loose-fitting so your parts down there enjoy a lot of freedom within movement. This can be a double-edge sword in a sense. While your parts can move around however they want, and that can touch good, sometimes they can big-hearted of stick to themselves/each other and that can be really annoying.

Boxer-briefs are a nice intermediate between boxers and briefs. They offer more support than boxers, so your parts aren't moving around rather as much, but they're not nearly as constrictive as briefs. The only annoying point really about boxer-briefs is that sometimes the legging fragment can sometimes ride up your legs, which can feel grotesque. Then again, boxers can also bunch up in a similar approach, so take your pick.

In consequently end, merely try both and stick with the one you prefer. Or enjoy some of both if you get bored of one over the other.
r u KIDDING me?

why would a guy ask this ask of other guys?
whats wrong with you !
you cant be serious!
Try boxer briefs.
boxer briefs are better since u dont hold ur balls everywhere and u will have a feeling like u can move more
I wore briefs adjectives my life until my twenties. I afterwards started wearing boxers and loved the free feeling. It took time for me to draw from used to it. I used to get abundantly of erections from it and I got horny greatly. The feeling go away the more I wore then. Almost ten years then I still wear them and wouldn't trade them.

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