What tattoo is better subsequent to my nipple?

here are my choices:
star, snake, feather, fern, butterfly.


FOR EXAMPLE: If you imagine a fail-safe woman and you know that around her nipple has a tattoo. what would that be?

small butterfly but ever so colorful.yeah, that's the titket I suggest ticket...hehehe ;)
I've see an awesome set of boobs that had star tattoos as her areola. The color be excellent and it really looked like she have star shaped areoli.
tattoos are not classy, more like trashy
I would utter star..
an eyeball so it could stare back at me
a tattoo of an arrow pionting to the nipple...that'd be best
i would suggest that you get the invisable quality, the one that you can't see. that way you don't hold to worry roughly speaking getting a breast abscess, breasts surgery to remove dead breasts tissue from the tattoo, and best however, you can keep the money and avoid the twinge.

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