Are men still afraid to drop by GP.?

does a partner/wife have to engineer you go?
do you quality silly/embarassed to go?
i'll be alright it will dance away on its own?
i have not get time to go?
or are you a regular company.
men don't get depressed its call stress?
do you agree with any of the above.

i have to nag my boyfriend a few years ago to make an app next to dr as he had glorious blood pressure, [i got a blood pressure monitor] it took 6 months for him to do it, but presently he is on so many tab, and will go to drs for slightest item now,
yeah! i anticipate i have no probs going but him! i hold to really make him do it but he other finds an excuse!
every one and more
i dont go atall, unless im dying or something. mostly a GP cant do anything and it will of late go away on its own whats the point wasting a doctors time over a petty cough that they cant oblige you with when within are ill ancestors who actually inevitability him out there waiting for a embarrassing whimp to get out the room!!
NO what i stipulation to know is are woman still afraid to visit GP.
the one that men don,t get hold of depressed that not true i live with it. adjectives my life.
Who would want to move about to a doctor and be "examined"? I'd go if I have something really bothering me, and I'm certainly not "afraid" of the doctor, but it is a demoralizing experience because doctors collectively consider themselves to be authority figures who own the right to tell you what you can and can't do. I don't resembling to be lectured to by some so-called "expert"

EDIT: I don't know if glenat skeggy is referring to me, but I wasn't wise saying you have to conform the doctor -- I was saw that doctors think their patients own to obey them. Fortunately, doctors can't snatch you and treat you by force
my GP is Fantastic! i can talk to her roughly speaking anything ...and i have ! she have seen adjectives my bits (ahem) and i didnt feel the most minuscule bit embarrassed..although i did hold a male GP and i detested going to see him .. but Dr Christine Morgan You are Brilliant!
One of the answers says that you enjoy to obey the doctor, you don't he/she can individual advise you. It is your body.

my husband with the sole purpose goes if it is compulsory.

I have to turn sometimes and even that gets put stale as it is such a bore having to phone and next find the appointments have adjectives been taken.

I would a bit pay and see the doctor I want to see.

So I as a woman don't stir often.
I dont assume men are afraid so much as not motivated to go. I reflect going to a GP means putting challenge in and have to explain whats wrong means more endeavour. I think it's simply good infirm human lazyness.
No, I go when I surface I must.
No, theyve seen & hear it all until that time.
Never a good plan.
I construct time.
Definetely, but Im not a hypochondriac.
I suffered from it when I was younger. Not nice..!
9/10 men fit your criteria, not me.
No ..I'm not a hypochondriac ... if i be ill i would budge ...
Women outnumber men visiting GPs by 2 to 1. This may be as simple as the macho point.
most are

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