Do counterbalance lifting exercises effect penis growth?

No. The only entity that would affect that is any sympathetic of drugs or steroids that you might consider using, because they could affect your hormones. Just do it naturally, and everything should be fine.
not at adjectives, unless ur using steroids with the exercises
yes, powerfully as long as you do it in moderation it will not effect but if you spent 3 hours a morning in a gym.

Try to do smaller quantity weight lifting exercises...

upright luck

take supervision
LOL. Sorry, nope. If you're attempting to be more sexually attractive, weight lifting still help.
No and if it did every male would be hung approaching a stud horse.
only if your lifting next to your penis.
Only if you use steriods.
Not unless you are lifting weights with your penis.

The penis have muscle just as other parts of your body, along near other types of tissue.

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I hold such a system, and it does work. However, you have to be greatly consistent and stick to it, because you may not see results immediately. Some do - some don't.
no, unless you inject steroids within your penis and do weightlifting in your penis.

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