Blood contained by semen.?

No STD's or anything, its not painful.

It lone happened once, but im freaking out, should I take it checked out right away, or shouldI only receive it checked out if it happens more than once.

It happen to me once and I called a nurse, who told me not to frenzy. Look it up in WebMD. As far as I know, it's analogous to have a bloody nose.

"Blood surrounded by ejaculated semen (hemospermia) is relatively singular and rarely serious. In most cases, the raison d`¨ētre can't be determined, and the problem goes away in need treatment. However, known cause of blood in semen include inflammation, infection and blockage or injury to the prostate gland or seminal vesicles. Also, following a prostate biopsy, it is adjectives to have blood-tinged semen for four or five subsequent ejaculations."
check it out beside your doc, pronto
I say right away! This isn't mundane so I'd be freaked out too.
Before you panic, capture with your woman or your Parther and see if you possible tap further than middle-of-the-road possible tear in her, or see if her period begin during the time of the intercourse.
Id get it checked out newly to be safe. I myself have a bb size lump on my testical that I figured be nothing but in recent times to be safe I saw a doctor and get an ultrasound. And both doctors agreed it was nil to be worried about.

However, in a minute I am not sitting here wondering if I have Testicular cancer etc. and am at mitigate.

If I were you I would purely go see my doctor and describe what happen. They may do a couple test but its better later being a frightened wreck.

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