Condoms. My guy say the second he puts one on his penis go flat. what can he do?

My guy had impossible to tell apart problem. What i do is tease until he is as rugged as he can get consequently he puts one on and it is great. You will be surprised how your sexlife will change near all the little or big facts you cram about your partner. If that dont work... i am sorry.
find a hotter babe!
a better cross-examine is what can he not do :P, ok he cant do much really
it may help if he be with a chick on the pill
Some ethnic group can cope some people can’t I detest them but if I am with someone brand new I would defo use one.

You could go on the pill.
stop lying to you. own you actually witnessed this take place? is it because they are too thick? try Kimono's they are the thinnest I've found, and work amazingly
Tell him if its not on after its not on. He may be just using it as an excuse to not use a condom. Most guys don't close to using them by choice but are still OK because it means we don't seize any if we don't. Tell him to maybe use a thinner one so he feel more or even better you put it on for him. if you do it sexually then it should save him hard.
make a contribution good suck it will be outstandingly effective
practice putting them on and wearing it. he's basically trying to have sex wirth you in need wearing one.
put lubricant on him and work it in economically than put it on him
I've never had this problem, but it is hotter if the woman puts it on. That should do the trick!
If you feel this is a ploy to have sex near out one make sure you speak about him that it's not on, unless its on

I agree that condoms are a real mood stopper but if you oblige him by putting it on I 'm sure it will help him to stay up

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