Decide on underwear?

what is your favorite kind of underwear and why?trademark a answer of why u like that generous of underwear please. just read out why u like them and why u wear them and how they have a feeling on you guys. please answer fast i inevitability this answer quickly please!!

I instinctively prefer undergear underwear. or anything from unico. I really like it when the waistband have a big logo on it so that everyone who sees them will know what I am wearing. several really apposite places on the net to capture underwear just type contained by mens underwear and off you shift. then desire which ones you would like the best.
1. why do you want to know??

2.boxers b/c theyre cooler
im speaking for my man. he loves his cotton boxers so his boys can breath and be free. they're comfy, plus that's what i approaching on guys. he says not silk though. the fabric is too soft!
Personally, I like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren boxer- briefs because they fit tight. Boxers tend to ride up when you're wearing jeans and boxer- briefs keep hold of everything in tact. Plus they articulation everything quite other.
I have a 6 inch dick, and I am 13, and I prefer calvin-klein boxers, because they hold a softer waist band than others, plus I attain cramps in my ball if I wear breifs.
Thongs. They keep the boys surrounded by place and its like youre not really wearing anything else. And my wife like them
I switched from briefs to boxers when I started having to silver in front of other relatives. I was glad I did when women come into the picture. You DON'T want to be the "tighty whitey" guy, and I think any category of brief or boxer-brief looks a little effeminate to women. When you're floppy out with a girl, you'll be much more comfortable contained by boxers. Whatever you wear, you're going to get used to it and it will grain comfortable.

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