i have started gym an i want to chomp through the right food each daylight,people other say drink the right food no fatty foods, they say guzzle chicken, can sum1 actually supply me a list of foods which wil back me bodybuild a good fair routine for the week, i dont eat pork or drink alcahol plus i hold got whey protein shakes, p.s if i am building my body do i obligation lots of protein???

Yup Protein is the key. It help the muscles recover and grow after working out. Some individuals also use Creatine, although there is a debate give or take a few its effects, I personally am a devotee of it and have see no ill effects at adjectives. I suggest these sources of protein:

Cottage Cheese
Chicken breast

and as a supplement straight after the gym:

Maximuscle Cyclone (its a mix of whey protein and creatine, but its a bit pricy around lb32)
Any whey powder will do if you arn't interested in creatine.

Remember you necessitate to work really REALLY hard if you are going to see any results. Protein will simply help you along the process.

Good luck!
Okay log onto and look up the ABS diet. They will show you everything you need to be ingestion to maintain a lean body while preserving muscle. Yes you nee to chomp through more protein than a non-bodybuiler. 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight will be sufficient. Dont go and get hung up on just consumption chicken. The abs diet tells you to drink lean means and nuts for protein as in good health as whey protein shakes.
yes lots of protien the skakes are a very honest idea also a personal trainer.
I would suggest reading the book The Abs Diet by David Zinczencko of Men's Health. If you don't want to purchase the book borrow it from your local library and if they don't hold it ask them to do an inter-library loan from another library.

i eat tuna from the can... it's not doomed to failure and has remarkably little fat plus lots of protein.. drink lots of hose too.

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