Do men ejeculate when they die?

do men ejeculate sperm when they die

your body relaxes when you die,so all of you body fluids,solids do walk out your body.
See it before contained by car accident :(
no their dead Duh
There own been several instances where on earth they have. From what I enjoy read most don't but about 30% in fact do.
no they are dead
Most do,
it is terribly common
No,man what wrong next to you?
i hope so. 1 last shabam would be nice!
I hope i ejaculate right BEFORE i die!!
No, unusual question. I hold been present at the release of several guys, when I was an EMT, and to be sure can attest that they don't get erections, dump their bowels, pee, or ejaculate. Takes blood pressure to ejaculate, departure means nil blood pressure and no brain activity.
I don't ponder so... cause they are limp

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