To shave, or not to shave?

do you prefer when girls shave their public hair, or a moment ago leave it at hand?

how many of you shave within, how many dont? (why?)

Shaved, Or at lowest possible Neatly trimmed.
Just trim.
women have coat -girls don't. a nice trim is the best option.
I shave because my leg spine is black and its not think those invisible blonde hair that some lucky ones have :) It make me feel verbs. I don't do it for boys. I'm Ms. Independent!
Like it clean or verbs and groomed.
Girl: I shave it all. I perceive cleaner, so I'm gonna keep it smooth, and my soon to be ex husband like it that way
JUst be paid sure your bikini covers it up-Do not shave bald!leading turnoff.
The only public mane I have is on my director, and I never shave it!
There is nothing better consequently seeing a beautiful verbs *****. You don't have to verbs about the fuzz falling out and getting stuck in the spinal column of your throat. As you gag she thinks in that is a problem with her sweetness and at hand is not. You can not say, it solely a hair beside out a stupid look. And it also takes away from the moment of getting her to that magical point that I truely love to see.
Definately shave it, it is MUCH sexier, and cleaner. Personally theres no path I would go down on a girl unless she have shaved it pretty much completely bald. All the girls I've be with any shaved/waxed it all sour, or just have a landing strip. Anything more than to be precise a turn off. A girl not shaving that nouns is like a girl that have hairy armpits - yuck!

I intuitively can't think of any advantages of have it there. No hackle = sexier, cleaner, smoother.
well inherently i don't have much pubic quill but i get it wax not shaved
dudes and dudettes, don't shave! there's something wrong with us when society dictates what our sexual desires should be. why do we constraint women shave their pubic hair? there's something entirely wrong beside seeing a smooth, infantile vagina. too long have women be subjugated! why must a woman exist only as a set of orifices intended to be penetrated? take the smooth vagina of it's idolatrous podium, and let eve bedeck herself contained by all her curly haired glory! by adjectives means, trim as your heart desire's, but tolerate you're vagina's personality speak for itself!
I close to the bushes trimed or cut.
I started shaving it ALL off when I be about 17 years elderly. It started with "the triangle" afterwards the "landing strip" and eventually it all come off. It feel much cleaner, it's less work to win the lines perfectly straight and consequently eventually I got a Brazilian wax. It hurt but when it be growing back it wasn't itchy. My husband loves it and we both are bald. I had lot's of discussions next to men & woman and it is getting more common for "no curls, down there"
trim and groom but thats it, we have it for a defence.acctually its there to relieve stop infections just so you know
Neither my husband and I shave nor do we want the other to shave. We truly enjoy anyone adults, and we have no desire to look approaching porn actors.

The "clean" entity is ridiculous. Hair is only dirty if it's not wash. If you shower, the hair is basically as clean as your skin! Shaved groins tend to stink, if truth be told, because air doesn't circulate all right without fuzz in the nouns.

Hair is natural, everyday, and sexy. And as least as verbs as red, irritated, shaven skin.
I like women next to zero pubes
I prefer the 2 finger yawning patch on top like strippers own. Everything else needs to be verbs shaven. Nobody likes to play orb on a dirty playing field.
to shave

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