In summer my body warmth increase up to 99dg contained by a daytime time and at hours of darkness its ok what is the source for it?

from my hands ,foots,ears,eyes hot chinks top comes out ,in urine it splits counsel me what i have to do gratefulness

~Slow down, having so much trouble making out what you're trying to communicate.
Your body warmth is rising because the temperature is rising. Makes sense, hu?
As for your "foots" and adjectives the rest, I have no concept what you're talking around.~
this happening beside me also because of humidity and changing weather
You inevitability to get your thyroid functions tested.
Just drink sea. that is regular, your core body temp rises. When you feel that hot it is not nontoxic to take a cool shower. a moment ago take a run of the mill warm shower and you should grain better.
the normal body warmth i 37 degree.
the foundation fo u'r problem is due to the less amount of vitamin k in u'r body.
verbalize 2 u'r family doctor.
My first suggestion is edit this query. My second is that 99 degrees is ok contained by the day time.
I hope ur river & liquid intake is smaller number .
If u improve the intake of hose down / lime {citrus} in ur day by day in pinch u will be more comfortable.
slow down boy you like a train on pepper spray
99 is still considered majority.
Do you take your temp out loud or rectally?

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