A friend asked this ask: "...How can I explain this to my GF"?

A friend asked this question:

"I just this minute went for a prostate exam, and found myself strangely aroused by the doctor's probing. How can I explain this to my GF?"

Sometimes smaller quantity experienced men find this akward because they think it somehow have implications that they are homosexual. It doesnt and is obviously totally "normal". ( no offence to gay friends intended).stimulating the prostrate in the order of an inch or two inside the anus on its front wall facing forwards is the male g spot. if it is stimulated compassionately and carefully while have conventional sex or oral sex it will result in harder erections and more intense orgasm. accordingly it is a good hypothesis to his girlfriend so they can enjoy their superior level of teaching together. :o) He should work on her g spot too of course.(front wall of the vagina at the rear the area of the clitoris)
whats in attendance to explain?
every guy gets aroused when it comes to his prostate, it's a biological piece.
I don't think that you own any obligation to relay your girlfriend that. Have you thought about it, and if so, what are your thoughts roughly it? Thats whats important.
convey him to tell her to sick it up his butt.
Why do you want to enlighten her, Just keep it to yourself unless you want her to start probing her fingers up yours?

If you do, lately remember that she has long fingernails and may injure you...

some guys resembling fingers up there a-hole and is a form of foreplay so wallow in :)

they do sell toys for gladness... :)
um, tell him to update her that she should fingure him sometime cause he like it? lol
Why would he discuss his medical exam with his girlfriend. That is really strange. None of her business. Also moderately normal to get the impression aroused when the prostate is examined, why do you think guys who hold sex with guys close to to get it up the butt?
She loves you,
go and get a strap on but that is out of my boundaries

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