Awkward problem next to underwear?

well this is thoughtful of an odd ask.but breifs are uncomfortable and near boxers it shows through my jeans....uhh any suggestions?
(im not trying to be perverted)

boxerbriefs. Read this blog all just about men's underwear:
They make underwear that isn't too tight but isn't too loose. I don't know what or where on earth but maybe try nike or something.
boxer briefs
try hanes. they're boxer shape but tighter resembling briefs
Hanes trunks have a pouch that keep the act together and also the Vermont Country Store have a brief with a horizonital fly that can set aside freedom, comfort an security.
boxer briefs. try the super soft cotton ones. I enjoy the same issues as you, they are spendy, but perceive awesome.
try something like the links below. They are usually made of cotton and expandex (or other comforming material) that "sticks" to you... they are fitting!

Try a thong. Really, they feel great.
Buy better briefs-- not the white little boy briefs. Get some pouch front, no fly low risers. Stafford by Penney's is a biddable brand. CK also makes some. Gives you honourable support without mortal uncomfortable, or bunching up resembling boxers. Plus enhances your bundle!

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