I'm 30 year elderly, ******* is5.8 inch long and 2.5 inch solidity , is it small?

wow, idk what to tell you man, but i guess specifically pretty small.sorry
is that erect or not!!?
length is average but idk the thickness if that circumference thats small if its extent thats HUGE
Why are all men paranoid with size? When be the last time you hear of a girl sticking a ruler up there and seeing much they can fit surrounded by? You could just look it up on the internet and find out. And its not your size but how economically you use it.
Why you are worried, man ?
If you have lived next to this size for many years, why enjoy you started to worry. It's with the sole purpose the kids who are obsessed beside penis size, not men your age.

In any case, what if someone said, yes, it is small. Would you buy a unusual one or swap it for a bigger one? See what I mean?
You can't revision it, however big or small it is.
~Is this a new concern of yours? By your age, you should know from your other partner reactions whether it's small or not. Are you a virgin?
I would be nice to know what you are trying to say-so, but I'll guess. You're average in length and shy surrounded by thickness. (Circumference.)~
You are really too out-of-date to be worrying about your size. It is average, at smallest 70% of all men are between 5 and 6 inches. So you slump into that range.
Your benign of old to be asking this stupid request for information. Usually the people asking this examine are in their precipitate teens.

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