Another Penis Question..?

Hi, i am 15 and my penis is only 4cm.. My penis don't look approaching other normal boys as mine do not enjoy the round thing on top.. Is it majority? And do hair grow 1st earlier penis enlarge? Thank.

you better start choking you chicken more regularly and sorry about the fruitless luck dude
no top tats not normal... and pubic coat grows before penis enlargment
no your gonna stay 4 millimeters for the rest of your time. hahahahah
omg can you wait till you gain your growth spirt your still only 15 you dont usually matured till your 15/16 dont be in such a rush!
The round piece your refering to is the head of the penis. You are most probable uncircumsized. This means that you still own your foreskin, which covers the head of the penis. If you push rear legs the foreskin a bit you will see the head. Some parents enjoy this removed when a child is born. As for size, it still has time to grow, and you usually will see pubic spike before any growth, as this is a sign that the nouns is being flooded near testosterone. Don't worry, your without a flaw normal.
If it looks similar to an elephant trunk (For lack of a better reference) You probably aren't circumsized. You obligation to make sure you verbs that skin back and wipe up under near. Frequently. Hair usually does grow before the enlargment, if you started getting "Wet Dreams" and adjectives that then you might hold started the process but it takes a while for it to be over. You simply have to be long-suffering.
This is most likely a practical joke question but I don't keeping.

The "round" thing is the person in charge of a penis, if yours isn't in vision when you look at it, you're not circumcised. And yes, hair will grow until that time enlargement.

On a side transcribe, what is your ethnicity?
1) I'm 15 years old also : You don't enjoy that round thing on top , I presume thats because you didnt do the islamic process of cutting a cut at the top when you were born ...2) Hair grows when you pubert the age differs from a boy to another ..for example I get that hair when I be 10.5 years old and another may grasp it at 12 or 11..
How tall are you? If you are still short afterwards everything has time to grow.

You can grow up beforehand your body gets in attendance. Just change your attitude. Your penis size does not set down who you are (nor how good a lover you will be).
it is markedly normal at your age and at hand is nothing to be alarm roughly. most kids your age don,t even have that size you own, and the round thing would intrinsically grow out with time.The down naturally should grow since enlargement except if your hormorne system have the advantage of a slow or faster rate of growth.
erect or not, except its norm if erect thats small but dont worry u aint done growin nonetheless
young man you own a lot more time to develop. pubic mane normally grows in the past any enlargement. someone said something nearly your ethnicity. it doesn't matter what colour you are. at hand are big penises and small ones as well contained by every ethnic group. everyone develops individually. it all depends on the individual. i don't infer people should believe adjectives that stuff about black males near bigger penises, white guys with small ones and Asian guys next to really, really ,really what the heck 2 cm from pole to pole penis. it differs. And FYI white guys do have big penises.

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