My height above sea level is 5.3 , i want to increase my it possible first how?

my age is 20 years.and my mother also short

be happy . . . most of the best actor in the world are short.
gain a couple of those door wedge things and put em contained by your shoes, instant 3 inches!
no. Just deal near being short. Buy a big truck or something.

There is no instrument to get taller.

ably. you could tye bricks to your feet and droop from the ceiling for a few hours. Although that would probably just hurt.
resourcefully, being short is quantity genetic, and part environment. i would strongly suggest play volley or basketball. although i'm afraid at your age it might be for a time too late for that.maintain trying though
enjoy what you are, for you are stuck near it.

Unless you plan on playing basketball, there is no help in human being tall.

I'm 6-5...contained by school, I be the first target of bullies.

I now enjoy back knees and ankle pain

My clothes adjectives cost more..

YOU try to find size 14 EEEE shoes

My heart has to work harder to convey the blood thru my body.
You can't increase your height. Stay fit because if you are slender, you appear taller. Don't slouch as this will form you appear shorter.
stimulate the pad beneath the big toe..that is the direct relationship to pituitary gland.
Why would you want to grow taller.. 5'3" is a great height for a girl.
sorry but i construe your stuck with self 5'3 but think of it on the devout side. you dont have to find pant that are long enough for your legs, cos thats really concrete. and u will be shorter than most guys which i would love to be cos i love taller guys. think of adjectives the good points that come beside being a bit shorter. you wont knock your director on any doorways lol cos that hurts. i hope u learn to be beaming with your plane, cos its a good loftiness to be at!! best of luck

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