A Penis Question..?

My penis is pretty different form others. Others have their foreskin within but mine is the opposite. I looked around for answer and the with the sole purpose thing i know is something christen "circumsized" which i am not sure about. My penis is also pointed to the right side more after the left and i am already 15years out-of-date. Is this normal, i don't assume so right? Please answer seriously. Thank in credit.

~Others have their foreskin within? I don't know what that means. Do you propose on? Circumcision (foreskin is cut), is done a lot surrounded by the states. It looks better, doesn't hold on to bacteria and you own less of a arbitrariness of getting STD's or HIV.
With it bending a little to the moved out or right doesn't matter, it's ordinary. You still have growing to do, don't sweat it.~
Well, ask your parents if you be circumcised at birth. That is when the foreskin/sheath is cut off... which contained by your case could prove to be true. And I can't be sure, but I'd say aloud there's nothing wrong beside you if you hang to the right rather.
ask your parents you shouldve a while back scrape that ask your dad because he can relate to you better.
the foreskin is cut off and it's mundane
some guys are circumcised and some are not, it sounds like within your case that you are Circumcised. as far as your penis pointing more to the vanished, everyone is different and nobody is perfect, you will see some guys beside curved penis up and curved downward, some are bent to the left or right, nobody is watertight.

just remember that have a little curve or Slight curve can put that extra excitment to your partner.

a moment ago enjoy beside what you have :)
Hi dear, the answer is palpably you r circumcised. and there is nought to worry in the region of or go n ask your parents. it is a small process of removing the foreskin for some medical reason. even i m circumcised and i was also naive at the age of 15. now i m 18 and i realize that we r also common and not different from the uncircumcised. it is an age-old practice for muslims. and a few others r also circumcised for medical reasons, to avoid infections,and etc...
so a short time ago keep cool and dont nouns
you were probably circumsized, dont verbs its normal
The probability are you were circumcised - have your foreskin removed. Sometimes the cut isn't totally even and that might be why your penis bends a little - it's no big business - nothing to verbs about.
Penises come surrounded by many shapes. Being circumcised ability that your foreskin was removed when you be a baby most plausible. The pointing to one side or another is not uncommon and will not be a problem when you are married. ~GL

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