At what age should boys/girls use deodorant?

They should use deodorant as soon as they start to smell musty. My son has to start at 7 years. We use sensitive skin anti-perspirant because the other made him itch. He know that after respectively and every bath or shower he is to put some on. He is pretty honest about it.

It is usually around third or fourth order that they start to "smell" so it is best to find one that does not irritate them and get them to use it. Also brand name sure they bathe respectively and every day. Get them to apply lotion to their skins so they won't develop dry skin.
probably in the region of 12
i guess each child is different 10 or 11
i started when i be 13
whenever their pits start to stink
or puberty. which ever comes first.
When they start to stink then throw'em an a stick.
I started when I be seven or eight. No one likes smelly children. It won't hurt to start hasty.
My son just turned 10 and he only just started getting that BO smell, like you turned on a switch
As soon as they start smelling!
Or around puberty..
When puberty starts
11,12,or when they start smelling fruitless
As soon as they begin to arrive at puberty.
Whenever you notice that you start sweating or smelling "different" than usual. The actual age will diverge for everyone.
children start puberty at different ages. it is best to decide if you catch sight of that they are producing odor due to sweat.
usually when they hit puberty...which can vary from as childish as 10 or 11 towards 14 or 15(even more). I suggest they start using it when they start growing hair contained by the armpits as thats usually when the smell starts. keep the coat shaved of course to curtail the smell.
bout 11-12-13 id voice.
some are different, i feel that beside girls they like to smell pritty and near boys it should be when they need it.
Family should backing them out with when they stink.
When they start their puberty or start smelling fruitless.
like 5th level
year 7 or after puberty
about 12 & 13 !
i remember my 4th position teacher giving us a speech just about that so...what? 10? or better yet, when your kid starts smelling desperate thats when.

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