Extreme penis torment, and in that is no solution. i merely own to live suffering psychologically for ever?

I'm 28 male. within 2004 i had a catastrophic damage . by catastrophic i dont mean i be in a motor crash but it was sickening cause i a short time ago touched lightly and some brass neck broke or something. i was contained by terrible spasm for 8 months. and i also got impotent. consequently after like 1 year i get potence back and the backache subsided , however if i touch even lightly i win extreme cramping pain contained by the shaft.

Up to now i've be trying various ways trying to masterbate and ejaculate surrounded by a way that i won't capture pain.. but adjectives my methods failed and i get terrible discomfort.. i was persistant to try up to date methods...like this final one was a short time ago rubbing against a cloth without even touching near my hands.. And even that give me pain.

So i'm nearly ready to furnish it up , however its sad and i still obtain turned on... so getting turned on leads to wanting sex.. and capably.. whatever.

How do other guys near ssame problem deal? Again, this is not impotence, capably kind of but i'm potent.. in recent times that it hurts tons so there is no path to sex

Answers:    u need 2 c a doctor and carry laid
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