Cant Urinate after showery dream?

Hi im 13 and ive just have my second wet dream. After my first damp dream i went to the toilet around 15 minutes later and tried to pee , but zilch came out for a couple of second ... i was doing what i usually do to pee but nought was scheduled, but after about 15 second my urine came out ... i thought nought of it , and thought it mightof just be a 1 off item. then after my second damp dream the same item happened.
Can somebody please explain whats arranged ? Thanks

its because the semen drys up in your urethra (the tube that lead your pee and semen out) and it blocks your pee from escaping because it kinda hardend...try jacking off a dark b4 and then peeing surrounded by the morning and u will see what im talking in the order of
When you are hard or turned on - it's impossible / difficult to pee.

Thats so when you are have sex - you don't pee by accident..

It's middle-of-the-road.
its normal, dont stress. men that enjoy those dreams have alike problem. i cant explain y medically but i have hear the complaint alot
your system is on sexual reproduction mode, when u're turned on, your prostate gland shuts down the urine pathway, and opens the semen one. so that's why u can't enjoy sex and pee at the same time, it's average, don't worry
Think of your penis as sort of a one way street. When the frothy turns green for semen, the light is red for urine, and when the reading light is green for urine, semen is going to be coming out. The reason it works resembling this, is that urine will kill the sperm. Your body does this as a protection method to insure you reproduce when you ejaculate.
you wont know how to pee after masturbation or sex either, its majority, the penis is still thinking about the sex piece.
~Your penis thinks it's still within the wet dream and is afraid to drizzling the bed.~
its cus the semen dries up inside your japs eye like cement and blocks it, after you have to pee through it, a well brought-up way to solve this is to any poke a needle throug it or force a cotton swab soaked surrounded by alcohol into your japs eye

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